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Smith Chiropractic Care Center has been serving Colorado patients for over 6 years. The Care Center was founded by Dr. Eric A. Smith for the purpose of helping people live a more pain-free and productive life. Since that time, Chiropractic care and technology have grown closer together where, in addition to adjustment care, there has emerged a less manipulative approach: the Atlas Orthogonal Technique.

Our vision is to help more and more people to better health. If you have never been treated with the Atlas Orthogonal technique, you have received less than state-of-the-art care and treatment. Almost every pro sports team has begun using the Atlas Orthogonal treatment because of its effectiveness, and you deserve the best possible care and treatment as well.

The Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Method

Atlas orthogonal adjustment really works!This method is so gentle that many patients cannot believe an adjustment has actually taken place until they notice that their discomfort has been relieved! Atlas Orthogonal is a gentle, effective and proven Chiropractic technique that does not utilize physical manipulation.

Atlas is the top vertebrae of the spine, and supports the head. Orthogonal means 'at right angle to, or square'. If the Atlas is not square to the head and spine (referred to as subluxated), then the head and spine are by necessity out of alignment. Essentially, if the head is not on straight then the spine cannot possibly be straight. The resulting stress that ensues may cause discomfort to the back, neck, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles.

In the upper example at right, a normal Atlas is aligned squarely with both the spine and skull. A misaligned or subluxated Atlas is not square. The lower example clearly depicts the effects of a subluxated Atlas on the entire skeletal frame. The resulting stress and discomfort may be felt far from the source of the real fault. This sometimes makes an accurate medical diagnosis difficult.

The Atlas Orthogonal Instrument

The adjustment instrument is a safe, gentle, and precise method of adjusting a misaligned (subluxated) Atlas Vertebrae, without physical manipulation. The Stylus delivers a precise impulse to the exact area needed.

Smith Chiropractic Center offers you the finest in traditional Chiropractic care as well as the state-of-the-art Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Method and/or a combination of both, depending on your particular needs, circumstances, and desire. Smith Chiropractic has brought a new level of Chiropractic care to Colorado. We are one of only three licensed care centers authorized to treat you with the revolutionary Atlas Instrument.

ARPwave Treatment

ARPwave treatment is also included in treatment. The ARP is a Class 2 medical device FDA authorized for the following uses: Muscle Re-Education, Relaxation of muscle spasms, Increased local blood circulation, Prevention and retardation of disuse atrophy, and Maintaining and increasing range of motion. The ARP is also a revolutionary new way of training your body. The ARP is intended to stimulate healthy muscles in order to improve muscle performance. The ARP's electrical impulses allow triggering action potential on motoneurons of motonerves and improving strength and health significantly. In addition, ARPwave treatment relieves tension on tendons, ligaments, and joints thus assisting in the prevention of joint degeneration and arthritic changes.

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