Spinal degeneration (arthritis) is a serious and very real phenomenon. The spine begins to degenerate as a result of a build-up of swelling and inflammation in the joints of the spine. The inflammatory process can begin to harden and calcify, leading to the accumulation of tissue that can interfere with the body’s ability to electrically communicate via the nervous system. Liking to the kinking of a garden hose, the life force is simply choked off resulting in the lack of vitality and health. The stagnant inflammation in the body can be evident in times of physical trauma, emotional or physical stress, and being toxic. The body’s response to these environments is to crawl into a ball just like a roly-poly would, causing a scoliotic, degenerative, and inflammatory change that must be addressed. Dr. Smith’s primary responsibility is to open, correct, and clean the skeletal structure and to prevent this process from happening in all patients, no matter the age, to restore the body to its’ potential.

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